The Utah Jazz take a pure scorer in this mock draft

The Utah Jazz should have a lot of options but is Dalton Knecht the right one?
Creighton v Tennessee
Creighton v Tennessee / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz are going to need to take someone impactful in the draft this year. Someone who isn't going to need to spend half of the season in the G-League and someone who can help elevate this team to genuine playoff contenders. They don't need to do it alone, but they need to help.

We've heard a lot of names being discussed, and another that we're hearing others talk about is Dalton Knecht, the senior from Tennessee. Knecht is 23 years old and to some, that's old, to others it's fine, as long as makes an immediate impact.

He is seen as a three-level scorer, able to score at the basket, in the mid-range, and from three and it's his offensive scoring potential that many people have pointed out as his biggest selling point. He's had back-to-back 20-point seasons, where he had good efficiency and shot nearly 40% from three against other SEC teams.

His three-point shot will need some work, as NBA defenses will be harder to deal with and you can expect a downtick in performance for most players as they go from college to the NBA, but Knecht should be a good scoring option.

That's part of the reason our sister-site Piston Powered had the Jazz taking Knecht at third overall in their 2024 NBA Mock Draft. So why exactly was Knecht their pick for the Jazz?

""...The Jazz were 22nd in 3-point percentage this season and Knecht figures to be a guy who can come in and score right away. The Jazz already have young bigs and a strong backcourt, so throwing in Knecht (pushing Markkanen to the four) would give them more shooting and space in which to operate." "

They do admit that it's a stretch for Knecht to go at three, but I've never subscribed to that belief. You take the guy you want when you have the chance to get him. If you think he's the best player in the draft, yet he's ranked 18th and you have the third pick; you take that guy.

There is one thing though that the piece said that we don't support. They suggest Knecht due to the youth at the guards and big positions. Yet, that doesn't matter, as the Jazz's youth haven't equaled talent or wins yet. So not picking a point guard, shooting guard, power forward or center doesn't make any sense just because the Jazz already have some guys at the position.

We'd be good with Knecht but there are other players we'd be good with too.