The Utah Jazz should let the 2024 NBA Draft dictate the flow of their offseason

The Utah Jazz would be wise to let the NBA Draft dictate their next move in the offseason.
2016 NBA Draft
2016 NBA Draft / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

The NBA Draft is going to be a night to remember for so many young men. They'll take their first steps into the NBA on that night and some teams will be all the better for it. Some teams won't and will be hindered for years by their pick. The Utah Jazz are a team that will face the challenge of getting their draft day pick correct.

It won't be known the day it happens, but we'll have a good idea of what the Jazz expect out fo the rookie depending on who they take. Someone like Reed Sheppard would be penciled in as a role player off the bench right away, while someone like Cody Williams has a lot of work he needs to do before he's a regular rotation guy.

The Jazz have three picks this year, and who the club takes, if they take anyone at all, will determine what the rest of the offseason will look like. If the team invests in someone with a high upside but isn't quite ready to play yet, the team will likely trade away guys like Jordan Clarkson, Lauri Markkanen, and Collin Sexton. This is probably the least likely scenario. That is if you believe Danny Ainge, which I do not.

If they take someone who's ready to play right away, like Sheppard or Dalton Knecht, then the Utah Jazz may look for a free agent of modest price and a player like Dejounte Murray to fortify the team and make a real run at the playoffs. You change out Murray in this equation, but the idea is that the Jazz looks to bolster its talent today, while keeping its future open. This is the most preferred option. The team keeps building but makes a real attempt to compete this year as well.

If the Utah Jazz don't take anyone at all, then you can expect several big trades to happen. This is the Kevin Durant and or Devin Booker option; names so big that it forces you to expedite the rebuild. This is the most unlikely option and the one that would cost the franchise the most in future assets.

So really not the most desirable option of the bunch.