The Utah Jazz should keep an eye on Dillon Jones if he falls to the later parts of the draft

Dillon Jones is a nice prospect but he lacks the necessary skills to warrant going early to the Utah Jazz.
Big Sky Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals
Big Sky Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals / Tommy Martino/University of Montana/GettyImages

The Desert News recently wrote a piece on Dillon Jones, a forward out of Weber State and a potential prospect that the Utah Jazz should take notice of. We're in agreeance with that take, just as long as the Utah Jazz hold off on taking him early in the upcoming 2023 NBA Draft.

Jones was an impactful player for Weber State, leading the two in scoring the last two seasons while being integral to the team over his four years with them. During that time, Weber never had a losing season and a big reason was Jones' versatility.

He's a prototypical small forward but has some burst off the dribble and a good ability to score in and around the rim. He's not a good three-point shooter by any means, but he does have solid dribbling skills, and good court vision, highlighted in his fourth season with the club where he had five assists per game.

He's also proven to be a good defender, never posting a negative defensive box plus-minus for a season, and averaging nearly two steals for his career at Weber (1.7). He has potential, especially as a perimeter defender, which is why he'd fit well with the Jazz.

His offensive scoring is unrefined in a lot of ways, hindered even worse by his lack of a three-point shot. Yet, he could be an asset for the Jazz if they opt to pass on the Bronny James-second-round-sweepstakes In fact, Jones may be a better prospect than James at this point and his impact on the team's defense may be far more instantaneous.

If the Jazz end up passing on James, and subsequently not re-signing Kris Dunn, Jones may be a solid pick for the Jazz (though drafting Jones and re-signing Dunn is still your best move). If he's still there in the second round, the Utah Jazz should draft him. He's got a good upside and could be a nice defensive player in the long run, even if his impact isn't instantaneous.