The Utah Jazz's yellow icon jersey's are done for the rest of the season

The yellow icon jersey's are done for the season; good.
Utah Jazz v Indiana Pacers
Utah Jazz v Indiana Pacers / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz have long been known as the team with the purple jerseys. Whether it was the green, gold, and purple of the 70s and 80s or the more mountainous silver and purple we've seen in the 90s and again in the 2020s, purple has long been a core idea of the Jazz's jerseys. They've gone away from it a time or two to mixed reactions, namely in the more modern era, but fans love that design.

So it's not surprising that when the Jazz introduced their yellow icon jersey fans in the NBA as a whole and specifically those in Salt Lake City were none too happy with the look and design of the jersey. It's one of the Jazz's least popular jerseys, if not among the least popular in the entire NBA.

It was made even worse when the Jazz brought back their iconic mountain design with their 2023 City Edition in 2023. A jersey so good that a number of fans have wanted to get their hands on it and it was at one point considered the best jersey that the 2023-2024 class of icon jerseys had.

And for fans who are hoping for a more conventional look next season, that may be happening. The yellow icon jersey is already done for the year, with no more games left on the docket for the much-maligned design. Considering the jersey is only about two seasons old, it seems very likely that the Jazz are getting ready to retire it if it had the fewest days seen during the 2023-2024 NBA season.

Hopefully, the Jazz go back to the mountain look full-time, and retire these dull, boring and corporate-designed jerseys that fans just hate. Fans want a little dynamic coloring with their jerseys and the return to the mountain design as the primary look next season seems like the smart way to go.

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