The Utah Jazz have to keep these players ahead of the trade deadline

Not every player should be on the trading block.

Utah Jazz v Toronto Raptors
Utah Jazz v Toronto Raptors / Mark Blinch/GettyImages

Not every player in the Utah Jazz should be able to be had for the right price. Right now one of the talking points on Twitter is the price point that each player should have. Some players can be had for a bag of potatoes (Jordan Clarkson), while others require first and last-born sons (Lauri Markkanen). Yet, we don't think that every player should have a price point. Some players should be untouchable.

The Utah Jazz cannot build themselves into a winner if they always trade away good players. The idea isn't to do a full tear-down and rebuild for the next eight years like the Philadelphia 76ers did. One, because it didn't work, and two, because the fans would revolt. You need to build a winner fast and not take nearly a decade to do so.

The Jazz have to build themselves a winner without just giving up every good player they have for draft picks. Draft picks are nice but they're not like the NFL, you're far from guaranteed to have a good, or even great player just because you have a draft pick.

So getting rid of good, obvious talent isn't the way to go and these are the names the Jazz can't afford to give up for any deal.

Lauri Markkanen

This one is obvious, he's an All-Star, likely will make his second All-Star game assuming he's eligible to, and is the team's catalyst. The Jazz are better with him on the court and he's ascending to Top 20 status this season. Not someone you can expect to replace.

Collin Sexton

Collin Sexton is finally being allowed to play to the level we all thought was possible. The former lottery pick is going off as a member of the Jazz's starting lineup and has helped the team find a new consistency it was lacking. He's fully back from his knee injury and proving he's as valuable as originally thought.

Walker Kessler

Just because Will Hardy isn't sure on how to use Walker Kessler doesn't mean he isn't destined for huge things for the Utah Jazz. With a developing three-point shot and better touch around the rim, Kessler could easily turn into an All-Star given time.

Next. To rebuild, or not to rebuild? That is the question for the Utah Jazz this season. To rebuild, or not to rebuild? That is the question for the Utah Jazz this season. dark