The Utah Jazz have announced the rescheduled Golden State Warriors matchup

The Utah Jazz and Golden State Warriors have a new date.
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz had to cancel their matchup with the Golden State Warriors on Jan. 17, 2024, due to a medical emergency in their coach Dejan Milojevic who would later pass away due to the situation. The death of their coach had the Warriors postpone a few games, including the one with the Jazz.

That game is now rescheduled, however, and the Warriors and Jazz will meet on Feb. 15, 2024, at the Delta Center at 7 PM MT. Anyone who had tickets to the original game on Jan. 17 will be honored on Feb. 15.

And while we're glad that the tickets will be honored and the game will be able to be properly finished, we think the game should hold a bit more significance.

While the death of Milojevic seemed to mostly affect the Warriors, other players like Nikola Jokic have also mourned the coach, as the two knew one another from their time in Serbia. That's why it would be a really nice moment if the Jazz donated a portion of the proceeds from the game to a charity that may have meant something to Milojevic or his family.

The passing of someone so young, he was only 42, is shocking to many people, but to have it happen right before a game, during the biggest chunk of the season, it's even more jarring. The whole situation has had people reeling, and there's nothing that can be done about his passing or how people feel, but the Jazz could honor his memory by dedicating some money to a charity.

It may not seem like it's the Jazz's responsibility to do that, but as his passing happened when they were set to face Utah, it almost feels like it's something the Jazz should do just out of respect.

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