The Utah Jazz don't seem too motivated to move up from No. 10

The Utah Jazz may not be looking to move up and we're glad about that.
2018 NBA Draft
2018 NBA Draft / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz have landed the 10th pick in the 2024 NBA Draft and in doing so they have secured three picks in this year's draft. Two in the first round, one in the second round. What they intend to do here is anyone's bet, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that the team seeks to trade up. If they do, they could try and get into the Top 5, or trade back into the Top 10 or Top 15 by combining their later picks and such, to secure a second lottery pick.

These are obviously options that the team can do but those may not be the things that the Utah Jazz opt to do. The team is aware that this year's draft class is all over the place and not only is there no consensus number one overall pick, but there are at least 10 different guys who could end up going first overall this year.

It's almost impossible to predict who will go where, even if we're talking within one or two spots. Last year we knew Victor Wembamayama and Scott Henderson were going No. 1 and No. 2 overall. Henderson didn't go No. 2 overall, but he did still go No. 3. This year's class has no talent who has captivated the NBA community.

So it's possible and likely that the player the Jazz would have taken at No. 1 overall, could fall to them at No. 10. So there's no pressure to trade up, at least that's what Jazz VP of player personnel Bart Taylor told KSLcom, saying;

""How motivated are you to move up if you're not sure that the player is going to be an All-Star player either, so I think it's kind of like a double-edged sword, right? It might be cheaper to move up, but do you still want to move up or do you just kind of live with whoever ends up at your pick?""

The Utah Jazz may be wary of some of the guys, but I think this draft class has some real gems, and I would personally be looking to snag a few players at the top of this draft class, if at all possible. Though I may be completely wrong on the upside of some of these guys. So who's to say what the Jazz should do. As long as the team is significantly improved come 2025, we'll be happy.