The Utah Jazz don't seem interested in Bronny or LeBron James for that matter

The Utah Jazz may not want LeBron James after all.
USC v Arizona
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The Utah Jazz are seemingly out on LeBron James, even if they've never really said anything about going after him in the first place. James, pushing 40, could be a free agent this season, with a $51.4 million player option for the upcoming season. Some believe he could leave the Lakers to head to a better situation and chase one last ring. Winning another title is a huge factor in his decision, but so is playing with his son, Bronny James.

Bronny is a potential prospect in the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft, seen as a shooting guard who excels on defense and has some athleticism. That said, Bronny didn't have the greatest combine, with ESPN's Mark Spears reporting that two scouts gave scathing reviews of LeBron's son, saying;

""Should be a point guard based on his size, but he can't run an offense."
"Poor man's Davion Mitchell"
"He is not an NBA prospect in my opinion.""

Hearing how bad the younger James looked is a serious concern for not only the Jazz but anyone trying to draft him. There's not a lot of upside in taking Bronny this year and it's pretty obvious that he's only trying the draft out because he's not getting the love from other major college programs. Bronny may be ready for the NBA one day, but he doesn't appear ready now.

It's not surprising then, that the Desert News is putting some serious cold water on the idea of the James' coming to Salt Lake City. Due to, I'm sure, a combination of tape, the combine, and other variables, Sara Todd is reporting that the Jazz is not interested in Bronny. So, by proxy, they're not interested in LeBron either.

It really does seem like whoever gets Bronny will get LeBron. If a team doesn't want the younger James, then it's far more likely that LeBron just runs it back with the Los Angeles Lakers, as opposed to trying to go somewhere less glamorous and advantageous for his media brand.