The Utah Jazz don't need a player like Kyle Kuzma when they already have John Collins

There's no reason to make a lateral trade for Kyle Kuzma when the Utah Jazz already have John Collins.
Washington Wizards v Utah Jazz
Washington Wizards v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

Depending on how the next four games go, the Utah Jazz may be back in the trade market as a buyer. They're currently 16-19 and have a four-game stretch against the Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks, and the Denver Nuggets. Taking at least two of those games would ensure that this Jazz team is surely back in the mix. Even just one win isn't a death nail, and anything better than two would truly change the perception of the Jazz.

A good run over the next four games may get the Jazz from sellers to buyers in an instant, and if that does happen, all bets are off over who they would go after. After all, why wait for next year when you're good this year? You don't want to blow up your assets but you shouldn't sell off good pieces just because.

So if the Jazz do well, turn into buyers, and start looking to add names, there are a few guys who could work for the Utah Jazz. One name that wouldn't, however, is Kyle Kuzma of the Washington Wizards. Kuzma's putting up a solid shooting season, but that's mostly because he's the first or second option on any given night with the Wizard. A Wizard team that would be the worst team in the league if it weren't for the Detroit Pistons.

Kuzma isn't exactly a "winning" player, not as a front-line player. He's not a good rebounder, he's a poor defensive option, and while he can stretch the court to an extent, not to the point of trading for him. He's a slightly worse-scoring version of John Collins. The same issues that Kuzma has, Collins has. There's no reason to make a trade for Kuzma if all you're going to do is give up draft picks to try and get him.

That's what Sports Illustrated is suggesting, trading Collins, Talen Horton-Tucker, and two first-round picks (from Minnesota) to get Kuzma. Kuzma isn't a talent upgrade over Collins, as Collins would post similar, if not better scoring splits, if he were the first option on a team like Kuzma is. This is a lateral move at best, but one that would require first-round draft pick compensation. That is a non-starter.

Say no to Kuzma.

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