The Utah Jazz aren't having hiccups, they're just flat out bad.

The Utah Jazz aren't a team, as constructed, that can make the playoffs.
Utah Jazz v Minnesota Timberwolves
Utah Jazz v Minnesota Timberwolves / David Berding/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz are having a rough season. They're 6-12 and underachieving hard. The team has proven to be a very mixed-match roster that doesn't complement one another well, with many players not playing hard, or making far too many mistakes for the team to be competitive with them on the team.

And despite the fact the Jazz are bad, some out there think the playoffs are on the horizon and that all we've seen so far is nothing more than "hiccups", but this isn't hiccups. This is a bad team being exposed for the bad team that they are.

None of it is truly unexpected either. When we look at the biggest issues the team is facing; they're all common and known issues. Jordan Clarkson can't play defense (and takes too many shots). Talen Horton-Tucker is an offensive liability whose lack of shooting makes him unplayable, as he does nothing else truly well to warrant minutes. Kelly Olynyk is a nice role-player but he can't carry an offense.

Collin Sexton is also not playing defense, nor is Keyonte George. Taylor Hendricks isn't anywhere near ready and the team's overall defensive presence is non-existent. Thse are all things that were being discussed heading into the season.

Now, we've seen some unexpected issues; Walker Kessler's slow start, John Collins somehow being worse in Utah than he was with the Atlanta Hawks, Ochai Agbaji's inconsistent defense and streaky shooting, and of course, Jazz head coach Will Hardy putting out too many ineffective lineups.

But to say that these are "hiccups" implies that the problems the Jazz are dealing with are mostly unexpected. They're not, we just had higher hopes for Hardy as a coach and the team he was in charge of teaching. Not having a Mike Conley-type has done a dramatic number on the team and the amount of turnovers without him is arguably the biggest issue the Jazz have dealt with.

And while that may seem like an unexpected situation, the Jazz knew they couldn't replace him, which is why they didn't bother naming a point guard starter and instead announced they'd essentially have a committee of guys filling the role.

We knew that would fail and it did. We thought they could be smart about this, and run things through Olynyk or Luka Samanic, but instead, all we got was Clarkson and Horton-Tucker taking junk shots and not playing good (or any) defense. While we respect the optimism that some have, the fact is that the Jazz's current roster is bad, and until real moves are made, they won't be able to iron out these "hiccups".

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