The Utah Jazz are listed as a landing spot for D'Angelo Russell and we're not happy about that

The Utah Jazz are listed as a landing spot for D'Angelo Russell, and we're all terrified of that prospect.
Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz
Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

No major player has had as bad of a playoff run in 2024 as the Los Angeles Lakers D'Angelo Russell. He's been absolutely awful and didn't make a single shot in the game three losses against the Denver Nuggets, being totally useless. It's a theme that's matched his career, always underperforming and rarely ever being good enough to start.

Yet, there are some out there who believe he's capable of being a major player still for some teams, including but not limited to your own Utah Jazz. While the Jazz are in desperate need for guard help, the idea that the Jazz would turn to Russell scares the ever-living dust out of us.

Russell, who has had issue after issue since entering the NBA nine seasons ago. While he was drafted by the Lakers in 2015, he's been on five teams since then. He went from the Lakers to the Brooklyn Nets, then to the Golden State Warriors, over to the Minnesota Timberwolves, and then back to the Lakers.

Now he's looking at his sixth team, as he's announced he won't pick up his player option for the upcoming 2024-2025 season. It's unclear if he thinks he's going to get paid, but by the looks of the teams who may be interested in him, the Jazz included, it looks like he may not have a lot of championship teams looking for him.

What's comforting is that, while the Jazz are on the list, they're dead last of all NBA teams, and not too far off from Russell landing in a league more his speed, like the Chinese Basketball Association. Russell scored 18 points per game this season while shooting 41.5% from three but we've now seen this type of play from Russell one too many times.

The type of play that looks good with no pressure but once the playoff starts, everything goes out of the window. It's fair to say that if you want to win a title, you can't have Russell in a meaningful role on your team and so for that reason, the Jazz best stay away from him.