The Utah Jazz achieve rare feat not seen in over a year

The Utah Jazz shouldn't be proud of finally pulling off this rare feat.
Utah Jazz v San Antonio Spurs
Utah Jazz v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz downed the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday, beating the Texas team by 12 points. The final score was 130-118 in favor of the Jazz but despite a few runs by the Spurs, the Salt Lake City crew never really struggled. The Jazz looked crisp, solid, and sound. They had a few mistakes near the end of the half and at the start of the third quarter but that was really it.

The Jazz looked great, and because they played efficiently on offense and aggressively on defense, they were able to win their 13th game of the season, their sixth win in eight tries, and their third win in a row. The Jazz seem to be climbing back into contention. Yet, it's apparently worth mentioning that the Jazz stringing together three straight wins isn't something you should expect too much of.

In fact, it's downright rare under the Will Hardy era of basketball. According to KSL, the Jazz have not won three straight games in a row since November of 2022. Well over a year ago. And that should be worrisome for the Jazz faithful because if Utah is going to get back into the playoff race, they're going to need to have a few three or four or even five-game win streaks.

They can't keep doing stretches of bad and good ball. They're going to lose a game or two, sure, but they can't keep having stretches where they lose six of seven and then win six of eight if they're going to hope to make the playoffs. Especially considering the fact that they're still five games under .500, and about to face a host of tough teams.

The next few weeks will be very important for the Jazz, as if they can cobble together a respectable record over the next two weeks, they may be able to make believers out of us, the fans, and the front office.

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