The New York Knicks may want Jordan Clarkson and there could be a trade to be had

A trade between the New York Knicks and the Utah Jazz is very possible.
Utah Jazz v New York Knicks
Utah Jazz v New York Knicks / Evan Yu/GettyImages

There's a current rumor that states the New York Knicks may want to go after Jordan Clarkson of your Utah Jazz. The idea on its own isn't the worst idea, as Clarkson can score a butt load of points but gives up even more most nights, making any offensive contribution not that impactful. The Jazz need better two-way players, and he's just never going to be a better two-way player. Trading him makes the most sense.

Trading him for a player who can actually help the Jazz makes even more sense. Trading him for a player who can help and a draft pick makes the most sense. And luckily for us, the Knicks have four players who could and would do big things for the Utah Jazz.

Those names are Donte DiVincenzo, Josh Hart, Isaiah Hartenstein and believe it or not, Julius Randle.

DiVincenzo, Hart, and Hartenstein would be a great trio to get from a Clarkson deal, as they are all not only huge improvements on defense, but DiVincenzo can shoot with consistent clips. Sure, you lose the near-elite level of scoring Clarkson provides, but you also get rid of his near-league-worst defensive abilities. Or lack thereof.

DiVincenzo becomes your bench starter, Hart could slot in as the starting small forward (or a bench guy) and Hartenstein allows Walker Kessler to move into the starting lineup. The only issue in that scenario is what happens to John Collins.

The best-case scenario is some sort of four-for-two trade, where the Jazz gets back DiVincenzo, Hart, Hartenstein, and Randle for Clarkson and Collins. You'll likely have to move Talen Horton-Tucker in the deal as well, which would make the money work.

The move works for the Knicks, as they get better on offense with Clarkson and Collins while retaining some defense with Horton-Tucker, and the Jazz get out from two bad defensive players while remaking their defense in the process. Not only that, but gives the Jazz a second big off the bench to back up Kessler, and someone behind Simone Fontecchi with Hart just in case.

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