The Golden State Warriors have no shot at Lauri Markkanen

Let's end that debate now.
Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz
Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

The idea that the Golden State Warriors have enough assets to land Lauri Markkanen should be treated as laughable. Yet, one Bleacher Report author, Dave Favale, believes that Markkanen should be on Golden State's shortlist. Favale notes that the team's direction is unclear, and that's not unfair.

The Warriors are a mess right now and are looking at a new era, one free of Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. The Warriors need pieces and fast if they want to squeeze out a fifth NBA Championship for Steph Curry. Though, a full rebuild shouldn't be off the table either.

To prevent a full rebuild, the Warriors would have to cash in every asset they have on Markkanen and frankly, it's not going to be enough. The article suggests that the Warriors with Marrkkanen, Curry, a re-signed Thompson, Green, and Jonathan Kuminga as a starting five, but you'd have to give up Kuminga just to get into talks for Markkanen.

Not to mention Brandin Podziemski, Trayce Jackson-Davis, Moses Moody, and numerous first-round draft picks. That may get the deal done, depending on how the Jazz few these young players but it's safe to say that there's no way the Warriors can make a trade for an All-Star like Markkanen while retaining enough for their team to continue competing.

There are few teams in the NBA right now who have the assets for Markkanen, one of which may be the Oklahoma City Thunder, but aside from a handful of other teams with the young players needed to make it work, the cost for Markkanen is too rich for most teams.

Especially the Warriors.

Now, a reverse trade is possible. If the Warriors do accept this is the end and decide to blow the whole thing up, Curry would be an impressive fit with the Jazz and could give them more than enough scoring pop to get them into the playoffs. It'd give him one final shot at a title and would help the team rebuild in earnest.

Yet, there is little chance that Curry gets traded, least of all to Utah.