The 5 free agents that make the most sense from ESPN's Top 20 list

We're looking at the five best fits for the Utah Jazz among ESPN's Top 20 free agent list; unrestricted free agents only.
Toronto Raptors v Utah Jazz
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5. C Isaiah Hartenstein - New York Knicks (ESPN Rank: #19)

Even if Walker Kessler is the guy in Utah, you can never have enough defensive standouts. Isaiah Hartenstein has been one of the better defensive bigs in the NBA since his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Only recently, however, has most of the media seemed to catch on with how good he truly is. He's the best defensive big the Knicks have, even with Julius Randle and Mitchell Robinson healthy and Hartenstein should get starter money to stay in New York.

If they don't pony up, the Utah Jazz are in some serious need defensively and a guy like Hartenstein will provide a lot of defensive pop. He's a great asset in that regard. Regardless of whatever skills he lacks or limitations he has offensively, Hartenstein is someone who makes teams better just off of his defense alone.

He has a feel for that side of the court that can't be taught and he proves that, with every opportunity he's given that he has the ability to make defenses immensely better. He isn't an offensive force or even a real threat, but he can put back the ball enough times in a game to not be unplayable.

Coupled that with what I believe to be near All-Defense level talent, and you have someone who can be a huge get for whoever signs him.