The 5 free agents that make the most sense from ESPN's Top 20 list

We're looking at the five best fits for the Utah Jazz among ESPN's Top 20 free agent list; unrestricted free agents only.
Toronto Raptors v Utah Jazz
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4. SF/PF Tobias Harris - Philadelphia 76ers (ESPN Rank: #12)

The damage Tobias Harris has done to the perception of basketball greatness is astounding. When he signed his max contract deal with the 76ers originally, a lot of people thought Harris could eventually become a max-level player. He never did. Not only did he never prove himself worthy of a max-level contract, but he also systematically proved that scoring 20 points a game is no longer an impressive feat.

At best he's a third-option scorer, who can hit a three-pointer at about 37% per game. He'd be a nice starter for a team, but only if he comes in dirt-cheat. Dedicating too much of your salary cap to him is a sure sign that you're not going anywhere. If the Utah Jazz can land him for about $15 million a year, then the move would be worth it. He can provide adequate scoring in today's NBA while being fine on defense.

Overpaying for mid-tier players has doomed many teams in the past, and if the Jazz make the same mistake here, they're in for a long contract of mediocre play. Harris has value, just not as much as he and his agent believe. So, for the right price and the proper place on the team, Harris should be considered.