The 5 free agents that make the most sense from ESPN's Top 20 list

We're looking at the five best fits for the Utah Jazz among ESPN's Top 20 free agent list; unrestricted free agents only.
Toronto Raptors v Utah Jazz
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2. PF Pascal Siakam - Indiana Pacers (ESNP Rank: #7)

Of all the names on the list, Pascal Siakam may just be the kind of guy the Utah Jazz need most of all, offensively speaking. He's the perfect positional complement to Lauri Markkanen. His ability to score inside, rebound, and pass the ball are all top-notch, making him one of the more impressive offensive players at his position in the game. He's someone who would balance out Markkanen's high-volume shooting approach simply by giving the Jazz an inside scorer with near-automatic accuracy.

His lack of a defensive impact is a concern. He isn't a terrible defender but with his length and mobility, you'd expect more out of him defensively. He's a negative player when it comes to his defensive box plus-minus but that is also partly due to him covering some of the more impressive scorers. Still, the fact that he can't stop some of the better scorers in the NBA, or at least slow them down, still shows you he's not the elite defender some wish he was.

Siakam could give the Jazz a needed inside presence and maybe the kind of guy that the team needs to help get over the hump.