The 5 free agents that make the most sense from ESPN's Top 20 list

We're looking at the five best fits for the Utah Jazz among ESPN's Top 20 free agent list; unrestricted free agents only.
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ESPN just published their Top 20 free agents article and it shows a severe lack of game-changing players. The type of players that franchises can build around and compete with. There aren't really any guys who, on their own, can change the fortune of an NBA team. That said, that doesn't mean there aren't fortifying guys and game-altering types of players.

While it may seem like a synonym, a game-changing player, in our opinion is a prime LeBron James, modern-day Nikola Jokic. A game-altering player is the role player you know is going to step up big on occasion. The Steve Kerr to Micheal Jordan, the Shane Battier to LeBron James. The guys you need to have on your roster for one reason or another.

The types of guys who show their worth for one post-season run and get dramatically overpaid; Matthew Dellavedova come to mind. This free-agent class has plenty of those guys. They even have some fortifying players. Guys, who are still All-Star caliber performers, but aren't going to be the guy you want to rely on solely to win.

Your Paul George's and such.

So we had a look at ESPN's Top 20 free agents and while we don't see anyone here who can turn the fortunes of a franchise around, we do see five guys that we think could help secure Lauri Markkanen's path to the playoffs and help alter some games. The only caveat is that no restricted free agents are being considered. Simply guys who are unrestricted free agents or have player options who are expected to opt out. So with that, let's talk business.