The 4 best fits for the Utah Jazz from the NCAA's Final Four teams

The Utah Jazz should keep an eye on the NCAA's Final Four.
Tennessee v Purdue
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NC State - D.J. Horne

D.J. Horne is to the North Carolina State Wolfpack as Mark Sears is to the Alabama Crimson Tide. While Horne isn't putting up the same standard each game as Sears, his contributions from the perimeter are there. Sears however has been the top guy with 'Bama, while Horne is one of the two top guys game to game.

Cam Spencer, is a fifth-year senior, who has spent his last two seasons at Illinois State and then later Arizona State, before ending up in North Carolina going to State. His time at NC State has clearly bore fruit, as they are now in the Final Four thanks in part to him.

He's a perfect mix of both Spencer and Sears. He's a solid three-point shooter like Spencer, but like Sears, he has to use his quickness to get open. As both men are dancing around 6'0, they have to do a bit more to find their shot than not.

Horne is the best prospect that NC State has, but he's probably the weakest of the four on this list, simply due to his inconsistent shot and his subpar defense. That doesn't mean he's lacking any upside, as his perimeter play is fantastic.

That said, this has been his best scoring season, so it's possible he gets better in the NBA. That said, he's not projected to go in either round of the NBA Draft and it's very likely he spends a lot of his time in the G-League or internationally.