The 4 best fits for the Utah Jazz from the NCAA's Final Four teams

The Utah Jazz should keep an eye on the NCAA's Final Four.

Tennessee v Purdue
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UConn - Cam Spencer

Cam Spencer is a point guard at UConn and one of the main reasons the team is back in the NCAA's Final Four, despite the fact he wasn't on the team last year. He spent his first three seasons with Loyola, before moving on to Rutgers last season. Now with UConn, he's become just as important as any piece the team has, and he's gotten people talking.

He's a combo guard, with some size on him at 6'4, who can both play offense and defense as well as anyone. As mentioned before, the Utah Jazz need help with their perimeter play more than anything, and Spencer could help with that. He's got a defensive rating of 98.2 over his college career, and 97.6 this season. Not to mention, he's also a 40% shooter from three.

So not only can he stop opponents, he can also help the Jazz score points. His biggest knock is that he's not a great passer, which is ok because he could pair well with Keyonte George. As George isn't great at scoring the ball from the perimeter or playing defense up there, Spencer could, in theory, help George hide his limitations.

As a projected second-round pick, he's someone that may just turn into something very special.