The 4 best fits for the Utah Jazz from the NCAA's Final Four teams

The Utah Jazz should keep an eye on the NCAA's Final Four.
Tennessee v Purdue
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Alabama - Mark Sears

Mark Sears is averaging over 20 points per game while hitting shooting splits of 50.4% from the field, 43.4% from three, and 85.9% from the free throw line. He's helped lead the Alabama Crimson Tide to the Final Four of the NCAA Men's Tournament and for some reason, he's not getting a lot of love among draft pundits. Yes, he's shorter, only 6'1 which is tall, unless you're an NBA player.

But despite his height, which really shouldn't be a reason to hold him back, he's gone off in the tournament. Over the first four rounds, he's dropped 24.5 points per game and was the top guy in three of the four games the Tide played.

While Sears isn't some massive prospect with an unbelievable wing span, he does the one thing the Jazz need maybe more than anything; he shoots and makes three-point shots. He's a fine enough perimeter defender, which the Jazz also need, but his ability to get open from the three-point line is really he can give to the Utah Jazz that they're currently lacking.

He's not likely to be drafted, so he could be an undrafted free agent, allowing the Jazz to really land some nice talent who went overlooked.