The 2024 NBA Draft may mirror the 2013 NBA Draft and that's not a bad thing

While it may seem like an insult, this is clearly a sign that no draft should ever be ignored.
2013 NBA Draft
2013 NBA Draft / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

The NBA Draft Lottery has come and gone and the Utah Jazz landed the 10th spot in the NBA Draft. The team was expected to land at number eight overall, but many, myself included, thought a Top 4 spot wasn't out of the question. That wasn't to be as the team fell to 10th, two spots later than expected. It's the worst-case scenario that didn't involve the team losing their draft pick. Thankfully, however, the Utah Jazz kept their pick and can use it to better their team.

A goal that many think will be hard to do with this year's NBA Draft. The talent level isn't there, at least in the eyes of the experts and many are comparing this to the infamous 2013 NBA Draft, where the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted Anthony Bennett first overall and the best player in that draft, Giannis Antetokounmpo wasn't drafted until the 15th pick.

It was one of the worst drafts in history but it did produce several incredible players, like Steven Adams, C.J. McCollum, Kelly Olynyk, and two future Hall of Famers in Antetokounmpo and former Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert. So clearly, that wasn't the bad draft everyone thought it was, it was just out of order.

This year, the Jazz have a chance to find their own Antetokounmpo or another Gobert. Utah Jazz VP of player personnel, Bart Taylor has gone on the record to KSLcom, comparing the 2013 and 2024 classes, by saying it's hard to know who's going first overall;

""You just didn't know who was gonna go No. 1 and then kind of everyone's just picking guys that they have a preference on and they like more than others. So I think it'll be interesting.""

The Utah Jazz have a shot to land a major player at the 10th overall spot and someone more in line with what the team needs. There are a lot of guys at the top of the board with "potential" but not a lot of proven talent and the Jazz can bypass those types and hopefully land a guy who can help the team win now.