Sports Illustrated drops 3 names the Utah Jazz should consider and we want all of them

The Utah Jazz could make some really smart trades here in a few weeks.
Charlotte Hornets v Utah Jazz
Charlotte Hornets v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz have the pieces needed to shake things up drastically. The team is struggling to put together a lot of winning games, and the team may need to decide if they want to cut bait on the season and recoup as many assets as possible or if they want to make a real go at the postseason with a roster that's really inexpensive.

Sports Illustrated recently suggested three names the Utah Jazz should keep an eye on as the NBA Trade Deadline nears, and they're all good names for the Jazz to consider; Gordon Hayward, Lonnie Walker IV, and Marcus Smart.

The article highlights the reason why each player fits with the Utah Jazz, but if we're being honest, we're not interested in just trading for one of the names on the list. We think these three names are the three names the Utah Jazz should go after in earnest and try to acquire simultaneously.

The three men could be had for contract swaps involving just Omer Yurtseven (Walker), John Collins (Hayward) and Jordan Clarkson (Smart). Now, other assets would need to be included, but the money works for the Jazz to be able to get all three in one trade outing.

The three men would drastically improve the team in every facet it struggles in. Walker is an upgrade defensively over most of the Jazz's current guards and forwards, while Smart would provide an immediate presence at point guard, especially on defense. Giving them one heck of a one-two-punch with Smart and Kris Dunn sharing the court. Add in Walker Kessler and that's one heck of a trio defensively.

Hayward is a bit long in the tooth but his shooting and playmaking still makes him a unique asset alongside Lauri Markkanen and Collin Sexton offensively. If you can make these three trades with only giving up one or two first-round draft picks, and maybe guys like Talen Horton-Tucker, then it makes no sense not to do so.

To rebuild, or not to rebuild? That is the question for the Utah Jazz this season. To rebuild, or not to rebuild? That is the question for the Utah Jazz this season. dark. Next