Should the Utah Jazz use their cap space this offseason to build a playoff contender in 2025?

The Utah Jazz could have quite a bit of money to spend, but should they?
Miami Heat v Utah Jazz
Miami Heat v Utah Jazz / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz could have around $40 million in cap space in the offseason, depending on how a few contracts work out, and barring any major contracts like John Collins or Jordan Clarkson being traded away. There's a considerable amount of change that could be available to use, and the possibility they go in on a free agent surely does exist.

But with the biggest names on the market either restricted free agents not likely to move on, like Tyrese Maxey, or waning superstars like LeBron James and Paul George, each of whom have player options, there's really no major name worth going all in on.

It's not a shallow class, however, there is talent there. Just not foundational talent. Every player worth having is a guy you bring on to help you get over the hump, not use as the team's star or second star. Therein lies the problem.

The money being spent would be helpful if the team isn't using it on a guy like George or heaven forbid, James Harden. Those aren't the guys you want right now, making the idea of spending big in free agency far less than desirable.

Yet, what if a guy like Maxey becomes available? While a restricted free agent, it's far less likely the Jazz just sign him away from the Philadelphia 76ers, he'll likely be someone, who if he leaves at all, will do as part of a sign and trade. That means that you're likely to lose Lauri Markkanen or someone of equal value in any move for Maxey.

So even then, Maxey really wouldn't qualify as a free agent, as you're having to give up someone of value to get him. There are guys like Tobias Harris, but would he really move the needle? No, he hasn't with the 76ers, so why would an older, and slower Harris help out in Salt Lake City?

Realistically, while we'd love to see the Jazz make a splashy signing, the team should probably hold off on doing so, unless Maxey and the 76ers have a falling out and or they don't want to match an offer to him. That's the only play the Jazz have with regards to a major signing

Otherwise, just keep any free agent signings to smaller, shorter deals and see what 2025 has to offer.

That said if the Jazz can use the contracts of Jordan Clarkson and John Collins (along with picks and players), to land someone, then all bets are off. Especially if they don't dip into the money available but are able to get off Clarkson and Collins to add a major name. Then you make a run at some guys who can really help the Jazz.