Reed Sheppard may not be the top prospect but he's the perfect fit for the Utah Jazz

Reed Sheppard is out of the tournament but the Utah Jazz should be all in on him.
Oakland v Kentucky
Oakland v Kentucky / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz need two things, perimeter scoring and perimeter defense. They could also some more help with the interior defense, but it's mostly the three-point shooting and three-point defense that they need help with. Considering who's available and what everyone brings to the table, one of the better fits for the Jazz is Kentucky guard Reed Sheppard.

Sheppard and his Kentucky teammates were just bounced from the NCAA Tournament on Thursday, getting drummed out in the first round. The loss was obviously unexpected, and the Oakland Golden Bears Jack Gohlke made himself a name to watch in the process. Sheppard wasn't the player who was hitting all of the big shots, as Gohlke hit 10 of 20 three-point shots to win by two over the Kentucky Wildcats.

Sheppard only shot 1-5, hitting one three-pointer and finishing with three points on the night. He did contribute two steals, and four assists. Not a great outing for a guy that some outlets have penned as the potential number one overall draft pick in the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft.

Sheppard isn't likely to go number one overall. His emergence was largely unexpected and while he shot 52% from three on the season, there are better options to go first overall. That being said, he's a true prospect for his shooting and defense alone. Though, it may be far more likely he goes between the 10th and 20th spot, if not lower. With that in mind, should he start to fall down draft boards, the Jazz could really use a guy like him.

His shooting is superb and his defense is solid, if not better than solid. He's got good lateral quickness, knows how to rotate with the defense, and is generally a hard guy to pass on. Again, by no means is he a perfect option in the draft, but for what the Jazz need, he'd be a solid addition.

He'd blend in well with Keyonte George, as he does a lot that George doesn't, and vice versa. Not only that, if the Jazz can trade up for him, assuming he falls, then the Jazz may be able to get a more vaunted pick earlier in the draft (assuming they get their pick back) on top of landing him a bit later in the draft.