Quentin Grimes has potential for the Utah Jazz, but he may not be the player the team needs

Quentin Grimes has potential but the Utah Jazz need players who offer more consistency

Utah Jazz v New York Knicks
Utah Jazz v New York Knicks / Evan Yu/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz are being linked to disgruntled New York Knicks guard Quentin Grimes, who has seemingly had enough of his inconsistent usage in the Big Apple. Grimes, just 23 years old, has shown a good awareness of defense, being able to cause all sorts of problems for opposing teams. Yet, his shot isn't the most reliable, shooting just 43% from the floor. He has a solid three-point shot, hitting 38% from three, but he's really only hitting one or two per game. So he's not some volume shooter from deep.

His defense is arguably his biggest attribute for any team that may want to trade for him, and the Jazz could certainly use his talents in that aspect. Yet, the question comes down to how expensive he's going to be to acquire. He has a lot of potential, and that's what a lot of pundits and writers are pointing to.

Just remember one thing, in sports, potential gets you fired.

Grimes could be a huge asset for the Jazz, especially while watching Jordan Clarkson put in zero effort on defense, and may be an improvement over a guy like Ochai Abgaji, who has become an unreliable shot on offense. If the Jazz makes a player swap, like Agbaji for Grimes, ok, we can live with that trade.

Yet, if they're trying to get draft picks, or better, younger players; then no. The Jazz need help if they want to make the playoffs and make noise in said playoffs, but they don't need to lean on an unproven player, who has already proven he'll make a lot of noise if he isn't happy. That's a risk. It's not a risk that makes sense to make right now, especially with how important chemistry is to the success of a squad.

Trading for Grimes isn't the worst idea in the world, after all, there are positive trades with him, but he may not be good enough to warrant any potential negatives that also come with him.

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