3 possible reasons why the Jazz are willing to part with Collin Sexton

At just 25 years old and coming off arguably his greatest NBA season, Collin Sexton reportedly may become available on the trade market, but why?
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors
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3. The Jazz could get some real value out of him

Despite the Jazz' preference to develop George or Hardy not giving Sexton the keys to the Jazz's offense, there's plenty to like about what Sexton brings. There aren't that many guards who can score with the efficiency Sexton does who aren't already stars. His playmaking also took a leap as well, as he averaged 4.9 assists a game despite a smaller role in Utah,

Sexton has two years left on his deal worth under $38 million. Getting someone who can score at the rate Sexton does at a time in which the NBA's salary cap is expected to skyrocket could make for quite the bargain for any interested party. Teams who are looking for that kind of scoring at a discount may be willing to pay a good price for him.

Making an All-Star team doesn't appear to be in the cards for Sexton for the time being. Still, discounted shot-creating guards are hard to come by in today's NBA. Even if the Jazz may not want him, now may be a good time to capitalize on his trade value while they can.