3 possible reasons why the Jazz are willing to part with Collin Sexton

At just 25 years old and coming off arguably his greatest NBA season, Collin Sexton reportedly may become available on the trade market, but why?
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors
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1. The Jazz want to see what they have in Keyonte George

Even though he put up solid numbers, George is coming off an inefficient rookie season, shooting only 39.1% from the field. Of course, he deserves the benefit of the doubt. It was his first NBA season and did not enter the season expected to be the Jazz' next budding superstar. At least not yet.

George's role became more prominent as time went on. He was in and out of the starting lineup, but by season's end, George was getting a nod in the starter's role with plenty of fascination surrounding his potential as an NBA player. His rookie season was far from perfect, but neither were Deron Williams or Gordon Hayward's.

Sexton (and Clarkson, for that matter) could hinder George's development because they, too, need minutes since they technically are the veterans in the group. Cutting ties with Sexton could potentially unlock George's potential as a guard.