Patrick Williams could help off the bench but only for the right price

For the right price, Patrick Williams could be huge for the Utah Jazz.
Utah Jazz v Chicago Bulls
Utah Jazz v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Signing Patrick Williams to be the starting center of a rebuilt Utah Jazz defense? Bad idea.
Signing Patrick Williams to be a key bench player on a rebuilt Utah Jazz defense? Good idea.

Suppose you pay attention to the league and the players in it long enough. In that case, you can find any number of reasons why you should or shouldn't sign that guy. In the case of former Chicago Bulls lottery pick and potential bust, Williams, the reasons not to sign him are pretty deep. Firstly, he's on the verge of becoming a bust. Offensively, he's pretty bad. He's not shown to be a high-volume guy at all and if you bully him off the block, he's not going to be a threat.

The fourth-overall pick in the 2020 draft should not be so unremarkable offensively. It's caused many to wonder about his future with the Chicago Bulls. Technically, Williams is an unrestricted free agent, and should the Utah Jazz try to sign him, it would require an offer sheet. Meaning, the Chicago Bulls would have every ability in the world to match any figure presented.

Meaning it may take a lot to get Williams, far more than he's worth.

He is a great defender, however. He can play good perimeter defense or even go inside to the paint and not lose much awareness. His impact defensively would be a boon for the Jazz, which is why Bleacher Report suggested the team make an offer on him. The only problem is, he's not going to be worth the money that the Jazz dump on him.

He could unlock his potential in Utah, same as former Bull Lauri Markkannen, but the key to success is to not overpay for players who can't take you to the next level. Williams isn't that guy and while he could improve the Utah Jazz's defense, his limited offensive showing should hinder anyone who wants to pay $20+ million for him.

If he comes in far cheaper, then yes, bring him in, but otherwise, you can find comparable defensive players for far less.