One-sentence progress reports of all 15 members of the Utah Jazz roster

The Utah Jazz's individual progress report isn't looking great.
Utah Jazz v Orlando Magic
Utah Jazz v Orlando Magic / Rich Storry/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz are having a rough go of it right now. Not just losing games but losing games in big ways. They're not playing defense anymore and it sure seems like the club has given up on trying to win any amount of games, least of all trying to land themselves in the playoffs.

It's because of this that the club has seemingly lost its way. The best players on the team are playing fine, but most of the rest have nosedived. It's been hard to watch, and while there was always a possibility of this happening, we didn't think it would look this bad.

That said, not every player has been bad, and not every play should be equally blamed. We're going to go through each and every player on the Utah Jazz currently and evaluate them in one sentence, with a letter grade thrown in for easier reading.

Lauri Markkanen A-

The only true star the Utah Jazz have, and someone who may be playing his way to a new team.

Collin Sexton B

Easily the second-best player on the roster and someone who could be much better utilized if the team wasn't trying to force George into the primary ball-handler position.

Kris Dunn C

Offensively limited, Kris Dunn has proven to be a walking positive defender when called upon.

Keyonte George C

While Keyonte George has explosive speed and solid passing, his inconsistent shot and non-existent defense are holding this team back.

Walker Kessler C

Inconsistent usage has many wondering if Walker Kessler is a long-term option in Utah.

John Collins D+

While his scoring can be good some nights, his defense leaves many people lacking and what's worse, we're not entirely sure it's not for a lack of trying.

Brice Sensabaugh D+

With a solid shot and long frame, Brice Sensabaugh has failed to show up in year one.

Johnny Juzang D+

While only given limited action, he's not made the most of it when he's been given it.

Omer Yurtseven D

Slow and lacking the lateral speed necessary to be an impact guy, Yurtseven is best served as a bench player.

Jordan Clarkson D -

A one-note player his whole career, he's likely no longer a guy you can win with assuming he's a Top 5 player on your team.

Taylor Hendricks D-

We're still waiting for the Top 10 pick to have a monster game.

Micha Potter D-

Despite the team in clear tank mode, Micah Potter still can't find minutes.

Luka Samanic D-

While lack of playing time hasn't helped, Samanic has been present in most of the games over the last few weeks and hasn't shown a single flash of his potential, as he did the season prior.

Kira Lewis Jr. F -

A player with a low floor and an even lower ceiling, and hasn't made a single impact in the NBA since being drafted.