One player from every Northwest Division rival the Utah Jazz could use

The Utah Jazz could pillage the Northwest Division to improve themselves.
Minnesota Timberwolves v Utah Jazz
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Minnesota Timberwolves

Unlike with Denver, the most coveted player for the Utah Jazz off of the Minnesota Timberwolves is in fact, Kyle Anderson. Anderson fits the win-now mentality that Danny Ainge is hoping to bring into the 2024-2025 season and his skillset fits in well with star-caliber players. If the Jazz do add a major name, then that player, plus Lauri Markkanen will make a formidable duo. All they'll need is someone like Anderson who can play defense, pass, and rebound. The occasional three-point shot wouldn't hurt but Anderson did have ad own year shooting from deep.

He shot just 23% from three but also didn't have a lot of opportunities, shooting less than one attempt per game. That said, he still does have a +2.7 DBPM and since that's his forte (that and his passing), I'm not too worried about his three-point shot.

If not Anderson, then Monte Morris may be the guy to go get. As with Anderson, Morris is a free agent with no hangups. He only played in 28 games, but he shot 42% from three and had a DBPM of +2.2. He'd be a huge get for the Jazz, with or without Anderson.