One player from every Northwest Division rival the Utah Jazz could use

The Utah Jazz could pillage the Northwest Division to improve themselves.
Minnesota Timberwolves v Utah Jazz
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Denver Nuggets

The guy to keep an eye on from the Denver Nuggets is Justin Holiday; the older brother of Jrue Holiday, and someone who can still be a reliable player still. Even if he is 35 years old. He's a career 36% shooter from three, and still has the stroke needed to be an asset, hitting over 40% of his shots from three this season. He's not a game-changer, but he can give you 15-20 minutes on the bench a night, without giving up a floor spacer. Nor would you have to worry about his defense.

He had a +0.9 defensive box plus-minus this past year for the Nuggets and was a nice asset for them off the bench. He's definitely a guy you want among your bench role-players.

If things go the Jazz's way, then the real "best target" is Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who has a player option for $15 million this year. If he opts out of his current deal, which doesn't seem likely, then the Jazz would be wise to go after him and try to land him on a similar-sized deal. He's a 40% three-point shooter and his defense is comparable to that of Holiday's. He'd make a nice addition if he doesn't return to Denver.