Of the preferred trade candidates, which one is the most realistic for the Utah Jazz to land?

The Utah Jazz could make a big move this offseason but who stands to be the best option for the Utah Jazz?
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The Utah Jazz fans have spoken and they have made it clear that only four names will do; Joel Embiid, Luka Doncic, Devin Booker, and Jaylen Brown. Those are the only four names that a majority of fans are willing to see in Salt Lake City according to a recent poll done by Utah Jazz beat writer, Andy Larsen.

Out of 11 possible options fans across Twitter/X voted on each individually with only Embiid, Doncic, Booker, and Brown having more "yes" votes than anything else. And even then, Embiid didn't get a 50%+ majority, winning his vote with just 47% of the votes for yes.

If we let the fans make the decisions, then we're going to be left with slim pickings, as they voted no on Kevin Durant, Trae Young, Zion Williamson, and others. Now, there's good reason to not trade for them and the others on the list, but the odds the Jazz are going to get one of the four preferred options are slim. DeJounte Murray is possible, Doncic is not.

In fact, if we're being realistic, Doncic and Brown aren't. As in there's next to no reason to believe that either man will be traded this offseason. Not unless something goes sideways. Both players are ideal, they're the right age after all for what the Utah Jazz are building and they play the perfect position for the team, but they're going to be nearly impossible to get.

Now, Embiid could be on the move, as the Philadelphia 76ers are not going anywhere. They may try to land Paul George or Jimmy Butler this offseason but neither of them are needle movers anymore, on their own anyway.

Plus, if Embiid does get traded, it's unlikely he'd want to go to Salt Lake City, and considering he's going to turn 31 next season and has a history of injuries, maybe the Jazz should say no first to that pairing. He's not only injury prone but he's closer to the end of his prime than not.

That really just leaves one guy who is on the same trajectory of Utah Jazz's competitive window, plays a positing of need, and isn't constantly injury prone, who the fans actually want and could in fact be available this offseason; Booker.

The Phoenix Suns are making it clear that they aren't trading anyone but that may not be up to them. If Booker or Durant want out, why not trade them and try to get something back in return for them? The Jazz would give up and should give up, quite a bit to land Booker and he'd fit in perfectly with the Jazz and star Lauri Markkanen.

Now, he's not the only player who would, but of all the players the fans are in support of, Booker remains the best option for a trade for him actually happening.