Of course Quinn Snyder is a better head coach than Will Hardy

Why is there a conversation between the two?
Phoenix Suns v Utah Jazz
Phoenix Suns v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

We're really living in a weird, weird world, aren't we? Despite Will Hardy never having a winning season, never going to the playoffs, never winning a playoff series, never having a star player win a postseason award, or any measure of success in the NBA, there are actual fans who think he's a better head coach than Quin Snyder.

The Twitter account Jazz Lead asked the question on the platform, though misnamed Snyder, and asked fans who was the better coach. The last time that was checked, Hardy was somehow the coach most people favored, despite his inconsistent player usage, poor time management, and his unwillingness to abandon lineups that aren't working.

Hello, Talen Horton-Tucker was a starter for this team, when he had no right to be. It's bewildering that anyone is actually saying Snyder, the second-winningest coach in team history, is less talented as a coach than Hardy.

Keyonte George hasn't improved all season, Walker Kessler has potentially regressed, a Top 10 pick had to be sent to the G-League for minutes, and the system that Hardy has run the last two seasons on both ends of the court has collapsed without A-tier talent. While Hardy could be a great coach for the Jazz in time, he's not proven anything yet.

That seems to be the crux of the argument for people who favor Hardy over Quinn; that Quinn couldn't repeat the same success with this Jazz team as Snyder. That's not something we can know for sure. It's an impossible measuring stick to judge someone by, as it's all based on opinion. Maybe Snyder could get the same out of this team, maybe better. It's fair to say that Quinn was a better defensive coach in Utah as opposed to Hardy.

That's partly due to the players he had, but it's also partly due to the coaching. He did elevate and train some players to be better after they stopped over in Utah. That can't be said for Hardy, at least not yet.

It's unfair for Hardy to even be put in this position because he's been here for less than two seasons and has no accolades to his name. He may get better as a coach and may one day surpass Snyder, but until Hardy starts winning, regardless of the talent on his roster, he's far from being in the conversation with Synder.