Nothing unintentional about Collin Sexton's breakout season

Collin Sexton is finally putting it together this season. What conclusions can we draw from his improvement?
Collin Sexton throws it down against Washington
Collin Sexton throws it down against Washington / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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Tenacity Incarnate

Collin Sexton
Sexton smiles in a game against Orlando / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Do you remember the Energizer Bunny? You know, that pink, fluffy rabbit that's tied to a bass drum and powered by Energizer batteries? Despite being derivative of its counterpart, the Duracell Bunny (yes, this guy existed first), this symbol of unrelenting power seems to have infinite energy and an unmatched drive for progress. This unstoppable force was perfectly encapsulated by the understudy in the production of a Good Burger commercial.

"The bunny wouldn't stop! He would just keep going, and going, and going, and just when you think he's gonna stop, he goes!"

Kel Mitchell, All That

Collin Sexton and the Energizer Bunny are cut from the same cloth. Obsessed with being the hardest worker and a natural hustler, when his skillset proves too limited for a situation, his insatiable hunger to play as hard as possible fills in the gaps.

Sexton was a highly sought-after recruit out of high school. He was a 5-Star athlete and rated 7th in his recruiting class. In high school, his passion and intensity was very apparent to recruiters, and he seemed to be a sure-thing NBA prospect.

Sexton does not get intimidated. Ever. If you ever went camping with him and a grizzly bear started to attack your campsite, I would be worried about the bear's safety. He stares down his opponent like they just killed his sister and never relents. He is determined to outwork everyone around him.

He spent his lone collegiate year with Alabama and kept the same intensity that made him a desirable player for nearly every NBA team. His point guard skills were certainly good enough for the NBA; he was a great playmaker, but his scoring ability separated him from the rest of the field. When two teams are evenly matched, the winner often comes down to who's best player can make a play. Sexton cemented himself as that guy in a game against Minnesota, where a mid-game scuffle led to a mass ejection and left only 5 Alabama players remaining. Injuries and fouls would leave Alabama with only 3 players against Minnesota's 5, but Sexton is not the type of person who lets unfortunate circumstances control his destiny.

Sexton single-handedly kept the Crimson Tide in the game, scoring 40 points and willing his team to win. A 3-pointer brought the game to within 3, but a late Minnesota run kept the Tide from stealing an unlikely win. Sexton's heart was on full display for those fortunate enough to see this game. When pure talent isn't enough, Sexton flips the switch and works twice as hard as his peers. This defines Sexton and was why he deserved his Top-10 selection in the 2018 draft.