NBA writers are putting the mock in the Utah Jazz's Mock Draft picks

The first grouping of mock draft picks are in and they're concerning
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz have the 10th pick in the 2024 NBA Draft and man, the people who are handling the mock drafts are clearly not fans of the Utah Jazz. In a piece published by KSL, we see a collection of mock draft picks for the Utah Jazz from various outlets. The big ones are all here, The Athletic, ESPN, The Ringer, SB Nation, Yahoo! Sports, and CBS Sports.

And while they're mostly picking different names for the Utah Jazz, the one thing that they all basically have in common is how little they seem to like the Jazz, because they mocked them with some of the worst possibilities.

CBS Sports had the Jazz take Isaiah Collier, a three-point shooting challenged point guard who only averaged four assists for a 15-win USC team. Let's not even talk about his subpar defense.

SB Nation and Yahoo! Sports both have the Utah Jazz taking Cody Williams, a 6'8 forward with an overrated three-point percentage (took less than two per game), and a subpart defensive presence.

ESPN has the Utah Jazz taking Ron Holland (not Hollard). He's a 6'8 forward with poor three-point shooting stats, a low offensive rating, and a negative win-share while playing for the G-League Unite.

We do have two picks, that while not our preferred, we'd be happy with. The first is from The Athletic, who have the Utah Jazz taking Rob Dillingham, who has a good three-point shot, and a solid command of the floor. He does lack the defensive edge you're looking for but his shot should make the Jazz's backcourt far more serious as a threat.

Lastly, and the pick we're the most interested in (of those provided) is a guard/forward Stephon Castle. At 6'6, he's considered to be the UCONN Huskies second best defensive player by many, just behind Donovan Clingan. He's the worst three-point shooter of the bunch but he may be the best defensive perimeter player in the whole draft. The Utah Jazz need help shooting threes, but they need more help on defense than anything.