Lauri Markkanen has the affable personality needed to draw in fans but will he be here long term?

The Utah Jazz may not have the Finnisher much longer.
Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz
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Lauri Markkanen checks off every box you may have for a marketable superstar. He's unique looking and has a marketable look, he's a soldier in the Finnish military, super-talented, and apparently, he's very relatable. Markkanen, like so many people his age, really loved the Harry Potter franchise as a kid. He's also super into Marvel, as reports, even once having a giant Iron Man statue in his garage.

He's a multi-millionaire a dozen times over, and he's one of the 20 or 30 best human beings in the world at the sport of basketball. He's easily one of the most relatable guys the Jazz have on their roster, if not the NBA has in their league, and that makes him very marketable. Fans love guys they can see as a potential neighbor or buddy to hang out with.

It humanizes and connects fans to players on a level not usually seen in today's day and age. It could also be the centerpiece of a campaign for next season to help push jerseys and such, that is, if Markkanen is around long enough.

It's good that Markkanen is getting to talk about his hobbies with the Salt Lake City press, as it reminds fans that he has a life going on outside of basketball, but it needs to be reminded that the team may be without him going forward.

He's made some comments this season that could be interpreted as him voicing his concerns about the direction of the team. He's talked about having to say goodbye to his teammates, his unhappiness with the team's lack of direction at the traded deadline, and the fact that he wants to be in the playoffs. A place he's never been before.

If the Jazz don't start to make moves this offseason to fortify the team around him, then it doesn't matter how marketable and affable his personality is, he'll be another team's centerpiece player.