Kris Dunn is taking it day by day as he awaits his Utah Jazz future

The Utah Jazz haven't made a decision on Kris Dunn yet.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Utah Jazz
Cleveland Cavaliers v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz have decisions to make this offseason, one of which centers around the future of their best defensive perimeter player, Kris Dunn. Dunn was easily the best defensive player the Utah Jazz had who wasn't Walker Kessler and was that way for the entire way. He was so good that it'd be fair to say he was as good if not better than Kessler.

He was a key part to the Jazz's mid-season success and his increased role in the team saw a dramatic improvement in the record; that was until Danny Ainge and company pulled the plug on the team's season at the NBA Trade Deadline.

Dunn's importance to the team can't be understated. While not an impressive scorer, he's improved enough to not be a liability and his defense is as good as anyone's in the league. Yet, he's a free agent and right now the Jazz haven't made it clear which way they want to go with him.

This isn't lost on Kris Dunn, who is doing all he can to take things one day at a time. Speaking at his end-of-the-season press conference, Dunn (via Sports Illustrated) expressed how he was managing the waiting game;

""I just let everything play itself out," Dunn said in his end-of-season presser. "I just stick on to what I can control, and that's my work this summer. Just making sure I'm constantly putting in the work, make sure I take care of my body. Whatever happens, I'll let God handle it... You're going to defintely think about it. But, at the same time, you just try to take it day by day. Keep the main thing the main thing, and that's going out there and competing each and every day."


Dunn is beyond vital to the cause in Utah. His defensive acumen alone makes him worth 20 minutes a night, more depending on who is starting. Considering that the Jazz will likely have to trade either Collin Sexton or Keyonte George if the Jazz are able to pull off this chatter about acquiring some big fishes, Dunn will be someone the Jazz will need back.

Simply put, the team can't afford to lose him regardless, even without a major trade. While it's great to fantasy book a giant trade, even if George and Sexton are both retained, they're arguably the two worst guards defensively in the NBA and are easily the worst defensive starting duoe the NBA has seen.

Dunn is going to be crucial for any playoff pushes in 2025.