Kris Dunn is making a case for either of the NBA's All-Defense team

The Utah Jazz aren't all doom and gloom, as Kris Dunn is making case for the NBA's All Defensive team
Utah Jazz v Phoenix Suns
Utah Jazz v Phoenix Suns / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

Admittedly, we're kind of down right now when it comes to the Utah Jazz. The squad were sellers at the deadline and didn't add anyone of value to help the team make the playoffs this season. Not only that, but they traded key players for mid-tier draft picks that likely won't ever match the value of the players they gave up. Couple that with Lauri Markkanen getting screwed out of the NBA All-Star Game and the awful loss to the Phoenix Suns on Feb. 8, 2023, and you can see it's been a rough week for the Jazz faithful.

But all is not lost. One of the names that fans feared would be traded away was Kris Dunn, the team's starting point guard and defensive expert. He's taken the league by storm since getting regular minutes, propelling himself from a fringe starter to one of the best defenders the NBA has to offer.

His play as of late has gotten so good that many have started proposing the idea of him making one of the two NBA All-Defense Teams. An idea that he absolutely deserves to see come to fruition. Dunn's defense has been great, and he made waves against the Oklahoma City Thunder, where he had four steals and three blocks all on his own.

Sometimes a team combined doesn't hit those numbers in a game, let alone via one man. His play has been so impressive that even the NBA media is hyping up the possibility of him landing a coveted spot. It's really him or Alex Caruso with who the best defensive point guard in the league is.

He's resurrected his career in Salt Lake City and it'd be nice to see him take home a spot on the NBA's All-Defensive Team this season as a way to cap off this comeback.

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