Keyonte George may be the future but he certainly isn't the present

The Utah Jazz don't know what Keyonte George can be but they do know what he is, and that is "not good enough".
Los Angeles Clippers v Utah Jazz
Los Angeles Clippers v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz have a star in the making with Keyonte George, at least we think. We're told as such. A lot of people are very high on the young rookie, despite his massive struggles. He's extremely athletic and that has a lot of people salivating at the mouth for what he can be.

But what he can be is an unknown factor. So many NBA players never turn into what they're hoped to be or expected to be. Many bust, and flame out of the league, yet we're holding out hope that George isn't going to fall victim to the woes that so many other players have suffered. There is hope that George becomes the team's future at the point guard spot.

It's a future we think is entirely possible. We just have to point out that while we think George can be a star, he is among the worst players on the Utah Jazz currently. And it's not even close.

He's 14th on the team in field goal percentage, 13th on the team in true shooting percentage, second in turnovers per game, and in totality, he's 12th in BPM (-4.7), 16th in VORP, and 14th in DRIP. By every metric advanced and standard, George is a bad player. He's a terrible three-point shooter, yet against the New Orleans Pelicans on Thursday, he took five three-point shots. Why? What is the logic behind letting a 31% shooter from three take that many threes?

It's an issue Will Hardy has with the team, a lot of players doing things that aren't in their skillset, and thereby wasting possessions. It's been a killer for the Jazz all season and here they are still struggling to hit threes.

George has been a bad player for the Jazz, yet Hardy is still pushing him out when he can, for some unknown reason. It isn't to get him experience, as Brice Sensabaugh and Taylor Hendricks aren't getting minutes, so clearly this isn't about developing the youngsters' potential.

It seems as more mismanagement from Hardy, especially when he's taking minutes away from better players like Kris Dunn in order to get George on the court. We're not against Georg getting time, we're just hoping to see less of him in big games the Jazz need to win.

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