Kenneth Lofton is making a case to not only stick around but get some serious minutes next season

Kenneth Lofton is good.
Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers
Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers / Harry How/GettyImages

Is Kenneth Lofton Jr. a baller? Yes, yes he is. At least that's how things look right now. Against the Los Angeles Clippers, Lofton had an impressive night, going 10-16 for 27 points, while also pulling down nine rebounds and dishing nine assists. It's easily his best game as a pro and one that made many people wonder if he's a long-term asset for the future of the Jazz.

After his last few outings, I think it's clear, Lofton deserves more minutes with the Utah Jazz. There's certainly space for a debate, but considering his ability to pull down rebounds despite being "undersized" and his ability to score in the paint with the same ease in the pros as he did in the G-League, it's clear he's worth holding onto.

Against the, admittedly short-handed Clippers, Lofton went 10-11 from the floor. He showed a pull-up jumper from about 15 feet that looked effortless on his part. Not only that, but his ability to shoot from the free throw line as a big is indispensable.

He may not be a starter, yet, but having a guy who can give you 10 points, five assists and five rebounds off the bench is a rarity in the NBA and something I believe Lofton is capable of doing. Over his last three games, he's put up 16 points, six rebounds, and over four assists per game. He's clearly a unique player who, if given the time to prove so, can be an impact player for the Jazz.

It's not the stats, it's the talent. At one point in the fourth quarter, Lofton while in the low post hit this brilliant bounce pass to a cutting teammate. It was a near-perfect pass and the kind of pass you see from a player that makes you think this man has talent. Lofton has talent.

Hopefully, the Jazz keep him around long-term, because if this is just the beginning of what he can do for a team, then he's going to shock the world with more minutes and more opportunities.