Jazz mid-season report cards: Grading Utah's starters

The All-Star break is upon us. How do we grade the Jazz's starting 5?
Lauri Markkanen shoots a fallaway jumper against the Oklahoma City Thunder
Lauri Markkanen shoots a fallaway jumper against the Oklahoma City Thunder / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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Welcome to the All-Star Break! The Jazz won't have much involvement in this year's festivities (sorry, Lauri, they did you wrong), but during this break, we have a great chance to reflect on our team's performance up to this point. For developing teams like the Jazz, my favorite way to reflect is by looking at the growth of each player on the roster. For this article, we'll focus on the performance of the Jazz's starting 5.

Please keep the following in mind while reading the article: grades are all relative to expectations. If a bench player receives an A, but a starter is stuck with a B, that does not mean that I disagree with the lineups or think a player isn't being properly utilized. Additionally, a C is not a failing grade. If a player gets a C grade, that doesn't mean the player is terrible--calm down.

Utah has changed around its starting lineup a few times this season, and Keyonte seems to be the starting point guard moving forward, but I want to do a section specifically for the rookies in a separate post. Don't be alarmed when you see that Kris Dunn is taking the starting spot.

These are the midterm report cards, so we can all hope that the underperformers can improve and the overachievers can keep it up as the season continues.