Jazz mid-season report cards: Grades for Utah's reserves

The All-Star break is upon us. How do we grade the Jazz's bench?
Jordan Clarkson in a game against the Milwaukee Bucks
Jordan Clarkson in a game against the Milwaukee Bucks / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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G | Keyonte George - A-

Keyonte George
Keyonte George / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

Keyonte, the man that my older relatives call "Keynote", has been having a fantastic rookie season for Utah. While questions from his Baylor days regarding shooting percentage and shot selection haven't been answered yet, George continues to show improvement in his scoring ability and has shown great defensive hustle on the other end of the floor. His recent 33-point game against Golden State was a great example of what he can become, hitting 9 3-pointers while also dishing 6 assists. George has the potential to be Utah's point guard of the future and has proved his value this far into the season.

F | Taylor Hendricks - B-

Taylor Hendricks
Taylor Hendricks / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

Hendricks joined a roster that was already cramped with forwards, so Jazz fans only got to see Hendricks in limited minutes before Olynyk and Fontecchio were moved at the trade deadline. In his time on the floor, Hendricks has flashed incredible defensive ability. His shot-blocking was a tantalizing talent to many NBA organizations, and one of the main reasons the Jazz picked him up. His offense still needs some work, but Hendricks has the tools to be the perfect 3-and-D as he develops. Keep an eye on how he improves as his minutes increase for the remaining schedule.

F | Brice Sensabaugh - C+

Brice Sensabaugh
Brice Sensabaugh / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

Sensabaugh earned Utah's late 1st-round pick as a certified bucket-getter at Ohio State. The former Buckeye has spent most of the season with the Stars in the G-League but has posted 19 points per game this season. He won't be NBA-ready immediately, but his scoring ability is translating well. Jazz fans should keep an eye on how he adapts to the NBA game in the next few years. I'm optimistic about his upside.