It's official; if the Utah Jazz want to win they need to get the ball in Lauri Markkanen's hands more

The Utah Jazz should be giving the ball more to Lauri Markkanen.
San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz
San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

It's fair to say that Lauri Markkanen has truly earned his nickname of "The Finnisher". The Finnish (get it) superstar has been playing at an All-Star level since arriving in Salt Lake City and has an All-Star bid to show for it. He should have earned a second nod this season but the big didn't get selected, as he rightfully should've.

Yet, here we are, and not only did Markkanen not make the All-Star game, but he's once again on a losing Utah Jazz team that just isn't committed to winning. At least, not this season. It's not hard to see that, either, beyond the team trading away a trio of important players, the team is just not feeding Markkanen enough.

It turns out Markkanen really is a "Finnisher" when he has the ball in his hands. While far from a playmaker, if you pass the ball to Markkanen, he has an innate ability to find the basket. NBA University on Twitter (X if you wanna get weird), revealed that over the last 15 games, Markkanen has been leading the league in catch-and-shoot attempts.

When he's catching shots, he's putting up a 66.3% effective field goal figure, as well as hitting 44% from three. If that isn't all, according to the NBA University account, Markkanen is leading all NBA players in points per game from a catch-and-shoot field goal attempt.

And this isn't surprising, we've been saying for most of the season that Markkanen should be shooting more. In fact, the team struggles on offense when he either doesn't take a lot of shots or fails to his his shots. He's not the guy you want to lean on for creating a shot for someone else, but he's certainly capable of finding the best spot to pull up from and hit his shot.

The Jazz should lean more on Markkanen offensively if they want to win.