Is it realistic to think Jordan Clarkson is returning in 2024?

The Utah Jazz are likely to trade Jordan Clarkson, or are they?
Mar 25, 2024; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson warms up before the game
Mar 25, 2024; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson warms up before the game / Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

There are a few things we know are true this season for the Utah Jazz; the team is tanking, the goal for improvement is to make some trades and Jordan Clarkson is done as a member of hte team. At least, so we thought. Is it possible that Clarkson will return to the Utah Jazz in 2024-2025?

Patrick Brynes of Athlon Sports seems to think so. Though, not for any good reasons. Brynes believes that Clarkson has an albatross contract, my words, not his. Essentially Brynes says due to his poor play (career or near-career worsts in every major statically category), coupled with his contract worth $14.092 million in 2025 and 2026, that the only way you can trade him is to take on a bad contract in return.

It's not a sentiment that I agree with. Clarkson's season was bad, and he missed a lot of games to boot. However, most of those came at the end of the season when losing was more advantageous than winning. It'd be fair to suspect Clarkson would be playing right now if the Jazz were winning and wanted/needed him on the court.

That said, he's not wrong to say that Clarkson's a tough move. It's not something I've disagreed with, it's just one that I don't see being an obstacle. After all, Clarkson made more in 2023-2024 than he will in the next two seasons, and $14 million isn't a big contract these days.

Plus, Clarkson may excel in a lesser role on a team desperate for scoring. A lot of Clarkson's struggles came against top-tier starters who gave him trouble defensively. If you have him coming off your bench against the second-team guys, you may just find something left in his tank after all.

It's too early in his career to say he's washed up or that he can't help another team. It's likely that other NBA teams agree and will give him a shot. The Jazz just aren't likely to get back much for him.