If the Oklahoma City Thunder trade Josh Giddey, should the Utah Jazz get involved?

The Utah Jazz may not want Josh Giddey but they should consider him.
Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz
Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

Josh Giddey is far and away from anyone's favorite player. His off-the-court issues have been well-documented, but apparently, the police have found no evidence of wrongdoing, so he remains unsuspended by the league. Despite the fact the police won't charge Giddey for any apparent wrongdoing for his alleged involvement with a minor, it hasn't changed the way the NBA fandom has perceived him.

He's become one of the least likable players in the league, for right or wrong. Still, Giddey is a good NBA player and there are bubbling rumors that the Oklahoma City Thunder may be ready to move on from him. His stock is in flux, but is he worth the potential publicity nightmare that may follow him?

Moreover, would he even be a good fit skill-wise with the Utah Jazz? That's the debate that may pop up sooner rather than later. So let's tackle it now.

As far as a player goes, Giddey has the talent the Jazz need, especially defensively. He's a big body at 6'8 and has extremely quick feet, able to close out far faster on guys than many at his position are capable of. He's not an entirely great shooter, but he's better than most, shooting close to 50% from the floor and raising his three-point shot to just shy of 34%.

His three-point shot is getting better and better, making him far more reliable as a primary or secondary scorer. Still, while he's an exceptional on-the-court player and is showing growth day by day, that's not the only thing to consider.

Giddey was accused of an improper relationship with a minor, while he's young himself, only 21, that's not a mark that fans forget easily. Just look at Utah Jazz legend Karl Malone. An all-time great that fans can't stomach, and maybe rightfully so.

Giddey was accused of doing a very similar thing, and while the police won't press charges against him, that doesn't mean the NBA fandom is so willing to forget. The Jazz are trying to build a winning culture, and a winning culture requires a focus on the play, not the personnel.

While Giddey would be a great fit next to Keyonte George or Collin Sexton as a player, it's fair to say the stigma that follows him, true or not, is enough of a reason to avoid Giddey. The Jazz can find a two-way player with less baggage than Giddey, one that won't polarize the fandom, which Giddey will absolutely do.