If Ben Simmons gets bought out the Utah Jazz would be wise to add him

He may not be able to score, but that's not something the Utah Jazz need more of.
Brooklyn Nets v Utah Jazz
Brooklyn Nets v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

Ben Simmons, on offense, is a disaster. He doesn't shoot anymore and it becomes incredibly easy to key on him and what he wants to do. The best way to use him at this point in his career is likely as a lob threat, and someone who plays in the dunker's spot. He's not a point guard, though he can be a great passer still.

In fact, he can be a great rebounder and defender still too. If he could shoot a jumper with any regularity, he'd be the perfect fit for so many teams, but he's a 27-year-old point forward who can't shoot and is getting paid nearly $40 million.

He's not someone you want to invest a lot of money or capital into anymore, but if we ignore the fact that he's unable to shoot threes and is far from the player advertised coming out of the draft, we realize he still has value, just not as an All-Star. Simmons is someone who can remake a defense and provide excellent passing.

He'd be perfect in Utah, playing next to Kris Dunn, Collin Sexton, Lauri Markkanen, and whoever the fifth starter would be. The only problem is, that you're not giving up anything to get Simmons. Not at his current price point of nearly $40 million over the next season and a half.

That said, if gets bought out by the Nets, which is probable at some point in the not-so-distant future, then the Jazz would be wise to bring him in on a minimum deal to help shore up the defense. Simmons is terrible at shooting the ball, but thats the only thing he's bad at.

On the Jazz, he doesn't need to shoot. Utah has enough offense already, but what they lack is an aggressive defender, one with size and speed, which Simmons has. It may seem wild but if you take a step back, see Simmons as a small forward and not as a point guard, and get rid of the notion of him becoming the type of player many thought he would be as a number one overall draft pick, then you'd see the value that a role playing edition of Simmons could be to Utah in the immediate and distant future.

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