Grading the Utah Jazz 2023 Rookie’s Seasons

Before the Utah Jazz focus on their new selections of the upcoming draft, let's take a look at how last year's rookies panned out in the 2023-2024 season.
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Taylor Hendricks: C+

Taylor Hendricks
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Hendricks had an interesting start to the season. Without participating in the summer league, fans didn't have much to base their judgment of the 9th pick on. The hope was that he could maintain his decent three-point shooting and defensive skills from college, and for the most part, he delivered

While missing playing time due to injury and developing in the G League, Hendricks got a handful of starts in the latter half of the season, putting up 7.3 points on 45% field goal percentage and 4.6 rebounds. On defense, he was not scared to go at the top big men in the league, and showed versatility that looked extremely promising for a rookie.

While occasionally inconsistent on offense, Hendricks demonstrated that he has the potential to evolve into a valuable asset in this rebuilding phase. In his second year, he could take a significant step forward and become the player we envisioned when he was drafted. However, for now, his rookie season merits a solid C+.