Grading the trades that the Utah Jazz made at the NBA Trade Deadline

One of the worst trade deadlines in recent NBA history has now passed. The Jazz were one of the only teams that made meaningful moves, but how good were they?
Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz
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Trade Grade: B

Olynyk Trade

Given Kelly Olynyk's expiring contract and the widespread interest from contending teams, it's understandable for the Utah Jazz to assume that the Canadian forward might be seeking a move to a championship contender this offseason. So, trading Olynyk while they could was a solid decision and was the best thing to do for the rebuilding franchise.

This trade would undoubtedly deserve an A if it weren't for the inclusion of sophomore Ochai Agbaji. While he has had a relatively disappointing second year with the Utah Jazz, he still demonstrated an upside that excited fans. Understandably, the front office opted to move on from the former lottery pick, given the logjam at the guard position. Additionally, Agbaji has yet to prove himself capable of playing the small forward position.

Acquiring another first-round pick in a draft where the top talent might be lacking but is rich in prospects projected to be reliable role players is a strategic move. This pick, anticipated to fall within the top 20 due to being the least favorable among those from Oklahoma City, the Los Angeles Clippers, the Houston Rockets, and their own, presents an opportunity to add a valuable piece to complement the talented young core being built in Utah.

Kira Lewis Jr. has battled injuries for much of his career, yet his potential as a rotational player remains promising. With improved health and accumulated experience, there's optimism that Lewis Jr. can emerge as a dependable backup to Keyonte George.