Grading 4 Jazz trade deadline targets from no-brainer to must-avoid

Breaking down several potential Jazz trade targets by desirability.
Jordan Clarkson, Moses Moody, Utah Jazz
Jordan Clarkson, Moses Moody, Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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Matisse Thybulle - Absolute must-avoid

In the NBA in 2024, players who are skilled in more than one area are becoming the norm. Gone are the days where a professional roster in the NBA could afford to house numerous players that would largely be considered as "specialty" players. Nowadays, if you are not well-rounded, your chances of making it in this league shrink significantly.

That is unfortunate news for a player the likes of Matisse Thybulle. While not an excellent shooter, rebounder, or playmaker, Matisse brings value as a terrific defender that can guard multiple positions. This does not mean he has no value whatsoever in the modern NBA. But what it does mean is that teams like the Utah Jazz will have far less reason to actually make a legitimate move to acquire him.

The Jazz are a playoff hopeful. As a result, when they go searching for players to trade for or players to sign in the off-season, they must pursue players that make sense in a playoff setting.

Sadly, a guy who is essentially a black hole offensively like Thybulle does not make a lot of sense for any team's playoff rotation because he can be played off the floor extremely easily. Utah would do well to stay far away from the Portland Trail Blazers' defensive stopper.

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